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        As a teacher,she or he should have a good knowledge of the subject that will be taught to the students.As an old saying goes: a teacher should have a barrel of water if he wants to give his students a drop of water. And some people also say that the teacher is just like a library where any student will choose a book at any time and the teachers should always be ready for it .But in the meantime I think the teachers' working attitude and the concern to the students should also be equally important .Because the teachers will be active in their teaching only if he likes his work and the students .What's more ,if the teachers can show the concern to the students ,they will be encouraged to study hard, which will have a good effect on the students' study.So not only should the teachers have a good knowledge but also they should have an active working attitude and the concern to the students.


        not everything in the world could be liked by people, and so does man. every person has the right to choose things.

        maybe i am not the love student in your heart, but you are just the right teacher on my mind, and i like you, yes i do!

        i like the moment you talked to me, your strict looking, your loud sound, your earnest words, ...maybe the minute my feeling was bad, yes, not good, i promise, yet the latter success i got proved that your words were good for me...

        i can‘t imagine my life without you-my lovely teacher, i appreciate the god, it‘s he that let me come across you, and make you teach me.

        so i should give some words back to you: my teacher, you‘ve had a long day, have a rest, and happy teachers‘ day.


        national teacher day is always the tuesday of the first full week of may. and it is always for our students to give our special thanks to our lovely teacher.

        i still remember last year when i was feeling lost,down and out,i had no idea about my life,my love,my study even doubt why i was here in the world.so then came so much wine and smoke,i was tired,physical and mental.i even wanted to end my life just jumping from the top of our building.

        then my teacher came to me, she said she knew what i was afraid of, she also told me that‘s very common like many young people of my age. she told me to call her anytime i need her help.i did so ,we often chat miracle and made some phone call.i just can‘t remember when come the mirical.i have found myself now!!!

        another teacher‘s day,to all the teachers,to our parents.

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